During a meeting we'll discuss your wishes and  requirements. With a few sketches, we'll create a design. You will choose the diamonds and gemstones and these are placed as the would be in the jewel to give an impression of how the finished piece will look.
During this process, we will assist you with advice and tips so you jewel becomes a true piece of jewellery.
When the design stage is finished, we get to work. We use the best materials to craft the jewel of your dreams. This is all done entirely by hand. It is possible that we invite you to inspect the unfinished parts, before we finish the jewel.
make an appointment through this link.
`I discovered Banu’s designs on social media and immediately fell in love with her art craft. When we decided to get married, I didn’t have any doubts; our wedding bands had to be one of her designs. They were not only beautifully made (everyone loved them!), but we were able to use some gold that had great sentimental value for me.
She has also crafted another very special piece of jewelry for me, one that with its colors and design will remind me forever of someone I miss dearly.
Thank you for creating magic.`
Patricia (July`19)
`I had two bespoke rings made by Banu; the first included two eighteenth-century Russian cut diamonds which I inherited, and the second was a ruby halo ring.  They both came out beautifully and the process from start to finish was very enjoyable.  I fell in love with Banu’s style of jewellery a few years back, so using my own stones combined Wirth Banu’s beautiful style and craftsmanship was a wonderful experience.`
Anila (June`19)
`der-liebling, geometrik şekilleriyle mimari çağrışımlı, eskiyi canlandırırken yeniyi bütünleyen, zarif, özellikli, derinlikli güzel tasarımlar sunuyor. 
Banu ilk andan itibaren isteklerimize uygun olarak bizi çok güzel yönlendirdi. Yüzüklerimizi severek kullanıyor ve hep taşımayı diliyoruz! `
Zeynep & Mehmet (May`19)