photography & island life: Vera Nording



Vera is a freelance photographer from Sweden but has been living in Sri Lanka for the past 3 years. She lives in a serene beach town called Weligama with her partner Andrew and 10 dogs, Hula, Gandpa, Dog, little guy, Bambi, Bailey, Dora, Baby, Suki, Bailey and their cat Gidget!

Last year we shot the #derlieblinguniverse SS2020 campaign while I was travelling through Sri Lanka. 

- What do you do first thing in the morning?
I cuddle my dogs, my partner and then have coffee on the balcony admiring the palm trees that surrounds our house.

- Which tune is playing in the background?
When the party’s over - Billie Elish covered by James Blake

- What’s your favourite part of living on an island?
Definitely being so close to the ocean and having the option to surf everyday if I want to. I also love the simple lifestyle we have here. A lot of the things that feels “important” in the western world gets stripped away when you live here and I’ve really learnt to focus on things that really matter. I’ve also had a big change in how I consume, for example I haven’t bought a new piece of clothing for over a year while when I lived the city life in Stockholm I could buy something just to have a new outfit for the night. It’s just very grounding to live in a village where the main focus is to make sure your family is fed and healthy.

- When I am not taking pictures, you’ll mostly find me surfing or surrounded by dogs.

- If you could teleport something from back home, what would it be?
Due to COVID I haven’t seen my family in over a year so it would definitely be my family! Most importantly my niece and nephews that are growing up way to fast and it’s so hard not to be close to them. After that, some swedish candy and lots of cheeeeese!
Living in Sri Lanka is of course very different and can at times be very challenging but I also have to pinch myself on a daily basis when I stop and look around at the turquoise ocean and the beautiful palm trees and remember that I’m so blessed to call this island my home.


Apart from photography Vera also run a small charity project called Ceylon Paws where they help the local street dogs. // @veranording

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