artist: Charlie Dot

Charlie works as a freelance fashion illustrator and graphic designer. She is the co-owner and fashion illustrator at Shot of Joy Magazine. Her illustrations are hand-drawn, usually in pencil & ink. Her inspiration comes from strong female identities.
This season Charlie has drawn 3 pieces from our latest fine jewellery collection.
We love her eye for the detail and creative mind.
- What / Who inspires you? 
All kinds of things; movies, music, friends, the beach, great conversation and last but not least a night of dancing.
- What is the one song you will never be tired of listening to?
I love old music. When I work, I enjoy listening to All Green for example. 
- If you could own an art piece, which one would it be?
Well if we are talking about the classics it would be Sandro Botticelli`s `The Birth of Venus` painting. It has always been so magical to me. 
And if we are talking about right now, in my current home it would be a wall filled with all kinds of illustrations by various artists. I love collecting new and old pieces.
- My ideal day starts .......
On the weekend with a hot cup of coffee in bed, a long walk on the beach followed by a brunch. I can`t live without food you know..
- Favourite `hidden` secret in Amsterdam?
Oeh my favorite cafe, Cafe Brandon. It's sits right outside my office. Prefect for drinks and cosy vibes. 
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