(de) liebling: 
(eng): darling, favourite, sweetheart, beloved, lover 
                                                                           (tr): sevgili

born in Hamburg, Germany, der-liebling has been travelling the world for many years until she took form as a jewelry brand in 2012. being raised in a creative surrounding, she was thought into sewing, knitting and crochet at an early age which has been a key influence on her appreciation to craftmanship. as a result, der-liebling followed her dream into the world of fashion. after studying International Fashion Management in Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she moved back to her roots and settled in Istanbul, 2011.

der-liebling has always been influenced by Istanbul`s vibe and creative thinking. the grand bazaar and it`s surrounding hidden alleys has become her source of inspiration. it was one of the days when she went out discovering the lanes of the bazaar that she set foot in a goldsmith workshop. she was taught the fineness of jewelry making in the heart of the industry by skilled masters. 

even today, each piece of her collection is being made by hand in this +500 years old workshop. her work has spread around europe and reviewed by some of the best fashion magazines as elle and vogue.

yet, the best is still to come.


contact at: info@der-liebling.com